What is an Inverter

The inverter is a key component of the photovoltaic system. It converts electricity from one type to another, and can be found in any home with solar panels on its rooftop! The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has released five simple ways you should go about choosing your own Inverters:


  • The inverter converts direct current into alternating current and is what makes the energy generated by your PV system usable.
  • It monitors the performance of the solar modules, important grid parameters and values, thus ensuring high yields and the safety of the PV system
  • Fronius inverters are ideal companions for smart homes, and their backup power function enables you to remain self-sufficient even in the event of a blackout
  • Fronius embodies sustainability in its inverters, which are manufactured to the highest levels of environmental awareness and accountability.
  • We recommend that you discuss any questions you have regarding the right inverter for you with the installer of your choice. 

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